Imagine a wing changing shape as it slices effortlessly through the air with an astonishing mastery of flight –terrestrial flight. You have just driven the Huayra. Named after the Andean god of wind, it’s the vision of one man, Horacio Pagani, executed with obsessive precision by a collaborative team of automotive artisans. Using a proprietary carbotanium monocoque construction, the Huayra offers a perfect balance of weight and rigidity. And it adapts to the most strenuous driving conditions with active aerodynamics managed by a dedicated control unit. Movable ailerons at the front and rear of the car independently engage and adjust in response to speed, throttle position, steering angle, yaw rate and lateral acceleration to obtain minimal drag coefficient and maximum down force. The rear flaps also serve as an air brake. And the side air intakes are designed to create negative pressure inside the wheel to maximize traction. The result is a 720 horsepower mid-engined masterpiece crafted with unprecedented precision from virtually 4,000 bespoke components. An ethereal triumph of art and engineering from the ultra exclusive Italian auto maker.